UK lawyers fired by NUM after branding clients as thick

July 25, 2014 | Comments Off

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Raleys Solicitors has been sacked by the National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) after referring to a hypothetical client as ‘Mr Thikas Toosh Ortplanks’ in its training material.

The Barnsley-based practice has earnt over £77m from advising miners on vibration white finger and other personal injury claims, according to The Mail on Sunday. But in its training manual, it referred to a potential client as Mr Mr Thikas Toosh Ortplanks’ (thick as two short planks, a way of saying ’stupid’). The relationship between the law firm and the NUM, also based in Barnsley, had lasted 90 years. The NUM says it no longer goes to the firm and that the relationship has ‘soured’.

Chris Skidmore, chair of the NUM’s Yorkshire branch, said: ‘I feel very bitter about it. When you go to a professional you think they are giving you the right advice. I’m appalled at our treatment and to refer to miners as ‘thick as two short planks’ by people we placed our trust in is disgraceful. The NUM has used Raleys for 90 years and we recommended them to members. The relationship has soured.’

Article source: Mail on Sunday 25/7/14